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CS Shambala Bracelets

For high quality shamballa bracelets made with real crystal beads, CS Shambalas is the best choice for custom shamballa jewelry and beaded bracelets. Other suppliers use the cheapest materials possible. But our beaded bracelets are made of the finest crystal shamballa beads, embedded in your choice of gun metal.

Our products include:

We offer custom shamballa bracelets or shamballa necklaces. Choose your beads, metals, and bracelet cordage for a truly unique bracelet. Starting at $40 a bracelet, beautifully handcrafted for a custom fit, our high quality beaded jewelry will rival those of any jewelry store.

Beaded Bracelets

Beaded Bracelet Assortment from Custom Shambala Bracelets

We also offer high quality, handcrafted beaded bracelets. If the shamballa bead made of metal and crystal isn't right for you, we can customize a beaded bracelet just as well as our shamballa jewelry. Order yours today!

Shambala Necklaces

Shambala Necklace

Our beaded jewelry selection includes shamballa necklaces. Choose from your assortment of crystal beads and cord color for a custom, handcrafted shamballa necklace. Make on to match your other shamballa bracelets!

Beaded Jewelry

Beaded Shambala Bracelet Assortment

Customized beaded jewelry is now available from CS Shambala Bracelets. We can tie your beaded bracelets and necklaces in the popular shamballa style, or in other styles if you prefer. Contact us to inquire about what we can offer you!

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